Artist Edition Land of Olives & Vines, Jerusalem, Battir, Palestine

Land of Olives & Vines, Jerusalem, Battir, Palestine
© 2022 Sacha Jafri
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  • 100cm x 125cm
  • There are 10 Artist’s Editions of each original Piece
  • Premium grade canvas 410 GSM
  • Each Artist Edition Print is a unique one of a kind piece. An original Sacha Jafri Artwork in its own right. A 1 of 1 one-off.
  • The Artist has added his own unique layer to each hand signed and numbered piece.
  • Highest grade canvas print of an original oil & acrylic on canvas.
  • A hand-finished unique Sacha Jafri masterpiece.
  • Each piece is hand stamped and authenticated by the Artist.

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All material, ideation, content, imagery & relationships are the sole property of Sacha Jafri & The Art Maze. Distribution, sharing or re-use is strictly prohibited without written consent.

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